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Waver \Wa"ver\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Wavered; p. pr. & vb. n. Wavering.] [OE. waveren, from AS. w[ae]fre wavering, restless. See Wave, v. i.] [1913 Webster]
To play or move to and fro; to move one way and the other; hence, to totter; to reel; to swing; to flutter. [1913 Webster] With banners and pennons wavering with the wind. --Ld. Berners. [1913 Webster] Thou wouldst waver on one of these trees as a terror to all evil speakers against dignities. --Sir W. Scott. [1913 Webster]
To be unsettled in opinion; to vacillate; to be undetermined; to fluctuate; as, to water in judgment. [1913 Webster] Let us hold fast . . . without wavering. --Heb. x.
[1913 Webster] In feeble hearts, propense enough before To waver, or fall off and join with idols. --Milton. [1913 Webster] Syn: To reel; totter; vacillate. See Fluctuate. [1913 Webster]

Word Net

wavering adj : uncertain in purpose or action [syn: vacillant, vacillating]


1 indecision in speech or action [syn: hesitation, vacillation]
2 the quality of being unsteady and subject to fluctuations; "he kept a record of price fluctuations" [syn: fluctuation]

Moby Thesaurus

adrift, aflicker, afloat, agnostic, alternating, alternation, ambiguous, amorphous, bickering, blinking, broken, capricious, capriciousness, careening, catchy, chancy, changeability, changeable, changeableness, changeful, changing, choppiness, choppy, dancing, dappleness, desultory, deviable, deviating, deviation, deviative, deviatory, dicey, dickey, difference, different, differentiation, disconnected, discontinuous, disorder, disorderly, divaricate, divarication, divergence, divergent, diversification, diversified, diversiform, dizzy, doubting, eccentric, equivocal, equivocation, erose, erratic, faltering, fast and loose, fickle, fitful, flashing, flickering, flickery, flicky, flighty, flitting, fluctuant, fluctuating, fluctuation, fluctuational, fluttering, fluttery, freakish, frequency, frequency band, frequency spectrum, giddy, guttering, halting, harmonic, harmonic motion, herky-jerky, hesitancy, hesitant, hesitating, heteroclite, immethodical, impetuous, impulsive, incalculable, inconsistency, inconsistent, inconstancy, inconstant, indecision, indecisive, indemonstrable, inequality, infirm, insecure, instability, intermittent, intermitting, irregular, irregularity, irresolute, irresolution, irresponsible, jagged, jerkiness, jerky, lambent, libration, libratory, lurching, mazy, mercurial, mercuriality, moody, motley, motleyness, mutability, mutable, nonconformism, nonconformist, nonconformity, nonstandard, nonstandardization, nonuniform, nonuniformity, nutation, nutational, oscillating, oscillation, oscillatory, patchy, pendular, pendulating, pendulation, pendulous, periodic, periodicity, playing, pluralism, pluralistic, polysemous, quivering, quivery, ragged, raggedness, rambling, resonance, resonance frequency, resonant, restless, rootless, rough, roving, scatterbrained, scrappy, seesawing, shaky, shapeless, shifting, shifty, shilly-shally, shilly-shallying, shuffling, skeptical, snatchy, spasmatic, spasmic, spasmodic, spastic, spineless, spluttering, sporadic, spotty, sputtering, sputtery, staggering, stroboscopic, teeter-tottering, teetering, tottering, touch-and-go, unaccountable, uncertain, unconfirmable, unconformism, unconformity, uncontrolled, unconvinced, undependable, undisciplined, undivinable, unequable, unequal, uneven, unevenness, unfixed, unforeseeable, unmethodical, unmetrical, unorthodox, unorthodoxy, unpersuaded, unpredictable, unprovable, unregular, unreliable, unrestrained, unrhythmical, unsettled, unstable, unstable as water, unstaid, unsteadfast, unsteadiness, unsteady, unsure, unsystematic, ununiform, unverifiable, vacillating, vacillation, vacillatory, vagrant, variability, variable, variation, variegated, variegation, variety, variform, various, variousness, varying, veering, versatility, vibrancy, vibratile, vibratility, vibrating, vibration, vibratory, vicissitude, vicissitudinary, vicissitudinous, volatile, wandering, wanton, wavery, wavy, wayward, weak, whimsical, wishy-washy, wobbling, wobbly





  1. present participle of waver
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